Dearly beloved,

Welcome to the last Sunday in the month of Anointed flow. We’ve encountered God in diverse ways. He brought us to His table to have a feast on ANSWERS, He is so merciful and gracious in His ways, glory to His holy name. To the glory of God we are entering into a month that will usher us into a new year. A year full of results and great encounters.about-icon-pastor

If the year must be fruitful, we must travail and bath the year in prayer.  12 days for 12 months of glory are here again, prepare your heart, your spirit and body in order to tie or bind and loose in the forth coming year. Any Christian that will be successful in his Christian journey must understand the weapon of prayer. The weapon of prayer shouldn’t be the last resort for any Christian. If you fail in the place of prayer you will definitely fail in life.

You must not be a Christian that knows more of prayer, says more of prayer but does less of prayer. It is high time we moved from the level of knowing to the level of acting (doing). Success and breakthrough are cheap to them that can pay the price in the place of prayer. You don’t become, at the same time you don’t acquire what you can never defend.

Prayer is an ultimate weapon in the battle of life, because we don’t do more of prayer, it has contributed to many of our failure and pains in life. Prayer points are useless if you don’t say them out of your mouth in the mode of prayer. As we gather from Dec 1 – 12 to pray, get your heart in tune, take up the right posture and open your mouth to declare. As long as your prayer points are inside of you, heaven remains silent.

God designs the weapon of prayer to put the devil (enemy) in the dark and put you in the light. Stop talking about prayer, step into prayer. Stop babbling in the place of prayer, rather be specific, don’t assume God knows the pains in your heart, tell it to Him, He wants to hear you saying something.

27 But Jesus said unto her, Let the children first be filled: for it is not meet to take the children’s bread, and to cast it unto the dogs.

28 And she answered and said unto him, Yes, Lord: yet the dogs under the table eat of the children’s crumbs. 29 And he said unto her, For this saying go thy way; the devil is gone out of thy daughter. (Mark 7:27-30)

Jesus had no option than to attend to the case of this woman, because she keeps saying something. In these 12 days prayer, don’t get distracted, just keep saying something, and heaven will attend to you to do something for you.

Pastor & Pastor (Mrs) Ojo Peters